Built-In vs Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most fundamental decisions when you are designing or redesigning your kitchen will be the cabinetry. Your choice of built-in or free standing kitchen cabinets will impact all other areas of the design. High-quality cabinets can make a mediocre kitchen design outstanding, but low-quality cabinets can ruin an otherwise outstanding design.

Built-In Kitchen Cabinets

Built-in kitchen cabinets are created to the exact specifications of your kitchen. This can create a more streamlined and less cluttered appearance. Awkward corners can be filled in with storage that fits those corners exactly. Since the cabinets are custom-made for your kitchen, you can add extra features, such as a cup holder or a USB port to charge your mp3 player. However, these custom cabinets tend to be significantly more expensive than free standing cabinets.

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Free standing kitchen cabinets are purchased pre-made. Installation of these cabinets is quite simple and requires very little cabinetry experience compared to custom cabinets. Free standing kitchen cabinets are finished on all four sides, and are usually modular and moveable, which provides the flexibility to rearrange the cabinets later. It will be easy to add or remove shelves and cabinets as needed. The removable panels in free standing kitchen cabinets make it easier to maintain or repair the kitchen pipes or wiring, as well as treating inf