Build A Wall Cabinet For Your Microwave

What You'll Need
1x2 lumber
Variable speed drill
Phillips head screw tip
Drill bits
Wood glue
Wood clamps
Finishing nails
Measuring tape
Cabinet Door Kit and Hardware
Paint, Varnish or Lacquer
Painting Tools

Build an attractive wall cabinet for your microwave to not only give it a designated space, but to streamline the appearance of your kitchen. Building a cabinet requires some basic woodworking skill, but the project is easy with little patience and perseverance. Here's a basic guide to help you get started.

Step One - Measure for Your Cabinet

First, measure the area in which you want to place your new microwave cabinet. Measure for your desired height, width and depth of your microwave to determine how much lumber you need.

Step Two - Find a Design and Plans

Next, find a design that interests you, and work within the measurements of the space you have allocated for your cabinet. You can visit favorite hardware store or search for cabinet design plans on the Internet. Make sure to choose a design that includes instruction plans.

Step Three - Getting Your Lumber

Once you have your design, and the plans for that design, take the plans to your favorite hardware store or lumber mill and have wood cut into pieces as they are described in your cabinet plans.

Step Four - Putting It All Together

Once you have all of your lumber, and it has been cut to match the specifications of your design plans, you can then start assembling your cabinet. Use wood glue to join the edges of the boards together and secure the joints. Wipe off any excess glue to prevent staining or damage to the exterior surfaces of your cabinet. Follow the steps in your cabinet design plans, and clamp together large pieces to hold them in place while the glue dries.

Step Five - Hanging the Cabinet

At this point, the box shape of your cabinet should be complete, so you can attach the structure to the wall. Find and mark studs behind the drywall so you can screw into them with your wood screws.

Next, have someone help you place the cabinet against the wall. Use a level to make sure it is positioned correctly. Then, use 1½-inch wood screws to screw the cabinet box into the studs. Since it can be difficult to see where to place the screws, you can measure from a corner wall and mark the spot.

Step Six – Finishing Up

Follow the instructions that came with your kit to attach any hardware and hang the doors on the box. Then, finish the cabinet by using the paint, lacquer or varnish of your choice.

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