Bull Float Bull Float

A bull float is a device usually made of wood or magnesium which is used to smooth the surface of newly poured and tamped concrete. A magnesium bull float is sometimes called a ‘mag float.’ A bull float is a long, usually rectangular piece which is attached by a pivot to a very long pole. This allows the user of the bull float to smooth the concrete without having to step near or in it.

What a Bull Float Does

A bull float smoothes the concrete, but more importantly, it works the levels in the poured concrete, cutting down the high points and filling in the lower ones. A bull float is useful in consolidating the concrete, by pushing the aggregates in the concrete into the center of it, also in bringing paste to the surface of the concrete.

Magnesium bull floats are advised to be used when the concrete has had an air-entraining admixture used in the mix. A magnesium bull float will tend to do a better job leaving the seal of the concrete intact, tightly closing the concrete surface.








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