Burglar Alarm Battery

Found in wireless as well as hardwired alarm systems, a burglar alarm battery is designed to either provide immediate or backup power to a system. Hardwired burglar alarm systems run off a home's main circuit board. In the event of power failure, however, a backup power supply is required or else the alarm system would be rendered useless. Wireless systems feature backup battery power as well for the same reason. In addition, satellite components of home burglar alarms such as detectors and sensors each require a battery to maintain their operation.

Burglar Alarm Battery Types

Battery types vary according to the different alarm systems available. The voltage rating of burglar alarm batteries hovers around the 7.5 to 12.0 range, but that is variable as well. Most backup batteries come in the form of battery packs consisting of a series of nickel metal hydride or NiMH batteries designed for maximum life, although lead acid batteries are used as well. Rechargeable, a burglar alarm backup battery offers multiple hours of life in case the power should fail.


Burglar alarm batteries come in a variety of sizes, depending on the system they are intended to work with. With home burglar alarm systems, whether produced by GE, Visonic or Honeywell Ademco (just to name a few), only the specified type and model of battery should be used.