Burnished Brass: What Is It?

Many people do not quite understand the difference between antique brass and burnished brass. Antique brass is almost indistinguishable from burnished brass.

What Is Burnishing?

Burnishing means to smooth out with a fine burring element. Steel can also be burnished and brought to a high-gloss shine. To bur effectively means to polish. It is not just polish as we understand polishing wood or glass, but more of a high level of polishing unsurpassed by any other method. Watch and clock makers use burnishing techniques in order to harden the brass. The tiny coils and winders inside clocks and watches will only last as long as the quality of their making. Burnishing the brass inside a watch will harden the brass and help it survive far longer.

How Do You Recognize Burnished Brass?

Burnished brass is mainly recognizable by its highly polished surface. The surface has been buffed by high-speed buffing machines that make the brass appear brown, as though burned. Some people send brass to be chemically stripped as a form of burnishing. The chemicals also harden the brass and elongate its life.

Where Do You Find Burnished Brass?

Burnished brass can be used in many forms. A common use is for faucets in kitchens and bathrooms.