Butterfly Chair

A butterfly chair is a chair that usually has a wooden or metal frame with a piece of material wrapped taught around it.

Where will Butterfly Chairs be Used?

Typically, a butterfly chair is seen among the sand at the beach or outdoors by a pool. These chairs are very bendable and fold into a smaller size. This makes them easy to transport which makes them very handy.

On a more fashionable side, a butterfly chair can also be found in a home as well as in an office inside a business building. They are often considered a modern style and bring uniqueness to the décor.

The only noticeable downfall of the butterfly chair is its comfort level. For the most part, these are not designed for comfort. They are designed to render seating where necessary, however, not long time. In such cases as the beach and offices, these are quite suitable. For their comfort level and lack of posture support, you will not likely see them in many living rooms.