Butterfly Leaf Table vs Drop Leaf Table

  • Beginner

A drop or butterfly leaf table is a great way to save space in a dining room, while still allowing you the option to create more eating space for visitors or events. While both types of tables will save space, they are very different in the way they function. Here is a quick look at the differences to help you decide which option is best.

Drop Leaf Tables

A drop-leaf table will have expandable leaves on the tables ends. Most drop leaf tables will have two separate leaves. The leaves can be used to expand the space on the table. More often than not these tables will seat four when folded, and six with the leaves extended. The tables are generally square when they are folded down because of the design, so if a square table doesn't fit in with your design, the drop-leaf may not be the best idea. They can also be uncomfortable for those sitting at the end with the leaves when it's folded down.

Butterfly Leaf Tables

A butterfly leaf table is also expandable. The leaf for the butterfly table is found in the center. When the ends of the table are pulled out, the leaf is exposed and pops in to place in the center. With this design, the table is comfortable for those sitting in any position. Since the leaf is in the middle of the table, the shape isn't affected. This means both square and oval tables are available with this design.