Buy Goji Berry Plants Vs Start From Seeds

Decide whether you should buy goji berry plants or start growing from seeds.

Advantages of Plants

If you buy a goji berry plant, you can be assured that what you have is already mature, strong and sturdy. Even if you transplant the tree, there is a higher chance that it will live and provide you with fruits in the next few months if you just clean and prune it.

Another advantage of buying a goji berry plant is that you do not have to wait too long before it produces sweet berries. That’s because the goji berry plants that are sold are usually at least 6 months old.

If you do not have a green thumb or the commitment it takes to regularly care for the plant during its first few months, then buying goji berry plants is the best option for you.

Disadvantages of Plants

Goji berry plants cost more than seeds, though not much.

Grown plants may contain diseases and pests that can spread to other plants in your garden. This is particularly true if the one you acquired has been imported from another country. Be sure to ask your supplier about the origin of the goji berry plants that they are selling.

Benefits of Seeds

Though goji berry plants are hardy, these trees can be quite demanding when grown from seeds. However, if you have the experience, time and dedication to cultivate the plant, then growing goji berries from seed will be a rewarding project.

Furthermore, if you plant your goji berry seeds on your own, you will not have to worry about diseases or pests that might come from a full-grown tree. Many ]who have acquired goji berry trees that were imported from other countries encountered problems like the transfer of fungal diseases to other plants.

Downsides of Seeds

It is so much easier to care for a 6 month-old tree than nurturing a plant right from germination. You will have to provide (and sometimes spend money on) proper soil, fertilizer, sunlight and water. If you buy a grown goji plant, you do not have to regularly check the pH level of the soil or do other things that are required had you opt to start from goji berry seeds.