Buying a Cheap Fireplace Screen: What to Avoid

The old saying that you get what you pay for couldn't be truer than when it comes to a cheap fireplace screen. A fireplace screen is meant for safety and use in front of just being a decorative item that sits in front of the fireplace.

The Best Choice of Fireplace Screen Material

The best material that you can use for a fireplace screen is tempered glass. No sparking embers will pass through and logs that shift and tend to roll out are stopped as well. Glass doors are also a nice addition to the look of your fireplace.

Cheaper Materials Could Mean a Fire in the House

Don't buy a flimsy metal fireplace screen that will fall over with the slightest draft out of the fireplace. You need to buy only fire screens that are made of durable materials and are able to withstand fire.

Don't buy a fire screen that has flimsy screen. If screens aren't made of a quality heat resistant metal, don't buy it. The use of screen that will allow for small embers to get through is the last screen you want forĀ  your fireplace. You can get cheap fireplace screens that are made better with solid panels or glass.