Buying a Dryer Vent Vacuum: What to Know Buying a Dryer Vent Vacuum: What to Know

Buying a dryer vent vacuum may seem like a great idea, but there are a few things you should know prior to making that purchase.

First, the actual dryer vent vacuums available are meant for professionals who will be performing dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis for a variety of clients.

These vacuums can run as high as $800 or more, and can often be used for chimneys as well.

For the average homeowner, such a purchase may be overkill. A better purchase for an individual homeowner is a dryer vent vacuum attachment for your standard vacuum.

These attachments are extra long, flexible hose attachments that allow you to vacuum out the entire vent in your dryer, reaching lint that is inaccessible to your standard vacuum tube. At less than $25, the safety and cleanliness advantages far outweigh any expense.

Another consideration in addition to or perhaps instead of the vent vacuum is a duct cleaning system. These attach to a handheld drill and clean out the interior of any dryer vent by sending a stiff brush throughout the entire length of the duct.

The dryer vent vacuum attachment can then be used to remove any lint that was loosened in the process.

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