Buying a Used Air Conditioner

When buying a used air conditioner you will want to make sure that it is in good working order and that it will not cause any health or other problems to your home.

Before You Shop

Make sure you have the information you will need about your home and space before you purchase a used air conditioner. This is even more important when buying a used appliance than a new one, as used items are not usually returnable.

Measure the area that you will place the air conditioner. If you are going to use a window air conditioner, measure the window area to ensure that you do not get an air conditioner that is either too big or too small for the window.

Know what features you want in your air conditioner as well before shopping. There are several options available and without doing a little research beforehand on what exactly you want your air conditioner to do, you might end up making a purchase that you will later regret. Also decide on how many air conditioners you will need for you home.

Where to Buy a Used Air Conditioner

There are several places you can find a used air conditioner, whether it be garage sales, estate sales, online, pawnshops, thrift shops or a used appliance store.

If you have a used appliance store in your area, check out their selection first, as they will often have several models with different features. Even if you do not end up finding what you want, you will have gained additional information that will help you.

When Purchasing Your Unit

If possible, insist upon seeing the unit in person. Measure it to make sure that it will fit. Then turn it on and make sure it works to your satisfaction. Make sure to know how to change the filter and ask if a users guide comes with the unit. Make sure that you also know the efficiency of the machine.

Ask if there is any return policy. Many used stores do not have one, but some do in case the product does not work in your environment. 

If You Purchase Online

Before making your purchase, ask about the price of shipping, as shipping a heavy item could cost a lot of money.

Ask if you could get a refund if the product is damaged or unusable, as sometimes sellers will give you a guarantee, which will allow you to be more secure in your purchase.

Research the specific make and model of the item that you are ordering since you cannot see it in person. Make sure that it is the right size and has the right efficiency to suit your needs.

Always make sure you understand your product before you buy it.