Buying Air Conditioner Covers Buying Air Conditioner Covers

Cover your air conditioner when storing it during cold weather. Covering protects the unit from dust and water particles, and could add longevity to the life of your appliance. You can also use a cover to protect your air conditioner even in summer months by covering it up after each use.

Measure Your Air Conditioner

Accurately measure your air conditioner to ensure that your cover will be the proper fit. Many manufacturers give instructions on how to measure an air conditioner for a cover.

The Right Material

If you live in a wet climate, use a premium marine canvas to protect it from moisture and from overall water damage. For cold climates, select a cover that will insulate your air conditioner, which will provide you thermal protection and keep cold air out. In cool or drafty climates, a heavy-duty canvas will also help your air conditioner from becoming damaged.

Most covers are easy to place over your air conditioner and install, but the easiest covers are the magnetic covers.

Customized Covers

You can order a cover with customized cut-outs that allow you to store your air conditioner with places for electrical lines, plumbing tubes and other vents. These covers allow for a better fit. Make sure you measure those areas correctly and clearly mark their position when ordering.

You can also purchase a customized cover that will protect your air conditioner from several types of weather throughout the year. For example, a cover might be lined with canvas on the inside, but moisture-resistant material on the outside for protection against wet weather.

Purchase Straps

Use straps to keep your cover secure. This will protect your air conditioner from any elements that will try to pull the cover away.

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