Buying Concrete Stamps

A simple cement or concrete surface can be transformed by the use of a concrete stamp set. These stamps are usually made of flexible polyurethane. They can hold the impression of different surfaces as well as different finishes, like a brick or cobblestone design. Consider these points when selecting a concrete stamp for your patio, driveway or other concrete surface.

Depth of Stamp

If you know how deep the surface will be that you want to stamp, ensure that any stamp you buy will only penetrate half way into the wet material.

Shapes and Sizes

The stamp set may have several different components designed to fit together. Examine the contents of the set to see if you need any additional parts or if it would be beneficial to buy more than one set.

Snug Fit

Test the stamps together to make sure that they fit each other tightly with no gaps to spoil the effect.

Quality and Guarantee

Make sure that the stamp has handles that are attached well so that they won't fall off as you work. Make sure the material of the stamp has a uniform thickness, and that the product comes with a solid guarantee.

Before you begin your stamping project, gather as much information as you can about the best way to use the stamps and any instruction leaflets that are available.