Buying Flex Crown Molding for Your Home

Flex crown molding is a very popular alternative for homeowners who want to purchase crown molding to install in their home, but do not want to pay the high prices for traditional crown molding. Flex crown molding is made of polystyrene foam and once installed looks very much like traditional molding. If you are going to purchase flex crown molding, you will need to match the baseboard trim, unless you are replacing both the baseboards and the crown molding at the same time.

Flex molding can be found in almost any pattern and style as traditional crown molding. Styles run the gamut from simple and plain molding. Finding a flex molding to replace damaged existing molding in a renovation project is often very easy, given the range of styles and shapes available.

Determining Lengths

Crown molding is installed as trim along the line where the wall meets the ceiling. In order to determine the length you will need, measure the length of the wall where you plan to install the molding. If you are going to install molding for the entire room, then you will need to measure all of the walls. Add the total length of all the walls and add 10 percent for waste. This is the amount of flex molding you will need to purchase.