Buying Materials To Build A Retaining Wall Buying Materials To Build A Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can be made out of several different materials, like wood, stone, brick or cement. Constructing a wall with each one requires different considerations and steps.


When you go to buy the materials for your retaining wall, you should know how large the wall will be. Take measurements of height, length and with to know how much material you need to buy. If you are not sure, give the dimensions to someone in the right department of the home center.


Keep your budget in mind when buying supplies. Different materials have different prices, and some may require extra costs for installation.

Also take into account the longevity of your retaining wall. While it may cost less to build a wooden wall now, the pressure of the ground it holds may cause structural damage in just a few years. This will mean that you have to build a second wall, incurring twice the cost.


Know the height of the slope and amount of dirt the wall will have to hold back. Some materials will hold more weight than others. You might also have to use a combination of materials, or a segmented pattern.

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