Buying the Right Stair Stringers

Buying the right set of stair stringers for your front porch, deck, or patio is integral to the overall strength of the stair set. You can either purchase stair stringers pre-made, or you can build them yourself. Working with stair stringers requires certain angle and mathematic computations, but whether or not you build your own or buy them, knowing the basics will help you tremendously.

Determine the Size

The first step is to start taking measurements of where the stair stringers will go. Take into account the height of the top of the deck, or landing, and the ground. Next measure how far out the stairs will go. The farther out the stairs are, the smaller the incline, or steepness, of the stairs. Sometimes you don't have much choice in how far you can go out, or stay close to the landing. Some codes also require a certain distance.

Determine the Right Cut Needed
Once you know the measurements of the stringers you need to know the angle to cut the wood at to rest against the landing and ground surface. When buying lumber for the stringer, get the wood a little long in case you make a mistake. Some companies will have stair stringer kits that are pre cut customized to your dimensions. This is the easiest way to add stair stringers to a deck or front porch.