Cabinet Doors with European Concealed Hinges

Smooth lines on cabinet doors give your kitchen cabinets a finished look. When you can hide the hardware by using European concealed hinges you keep the integrity of your cabinets and woodwork without breaking the lines with exposed hinges.

Styles of European Concealed Hinges

There is a large variety of European concealed hinges to choose from. One of the biggest differences between the varieties is the strength of the hinge and the angle of the hinge at opening. The angle can measure from less than a 100-degree opening to over 165 degrees. Your choice of opening degree for concealed hinges depends on the area you are installing the cabinet doors and how far you wish for your cabinet doors to swing open. There are also hinges that are designed for solid wood cabinet doors and those that are built with frames.

Features of European Concealed Hinges

European concealed hinges are very convenient in cabinet installation because they are built to be adjusted easily with just the turn of a screw. Making sure that all your cabinet doors are completely even both horizontally and vertically. When you make the choice to use concealed hinges you can be confident that your alignment and appearance will be perfect.