Cabinet Drawer Hardware Installation Guide

What You'll Need

Drawer hardware can make or break any kitchen. As such, you may be thinking of seeking professional help to install these elements of your drawers, however, this is far from necessary. As long as you follow the correct steps to install your drawer hardware, your drawers will look as if they were done by a professional and it will cost you only a fraction of what you would have paid for a trained professional’s work.

Step 1 – Selecting the Drill Size

The first step to installing the hardware on your drawers is to select the drill size that fits best with your hardware. You should try inserting several different sized drill bits into the holes in your hardware and determine which size fits best for the project. If your drill bit is too large, your hardware might slip off of the drawers and if they are too small, you will not even be able to secure the hardware because the screws will not be able to fit into the knobs.

Step 2 – Finding your Reference Points

The next step is to find your reference points which you will use to make sure that your hardware is not installed crookedly. You can do this quite easily by measuring the length and width of the drawer and halving this number to find the center. Even if you are installing hardware that requires 2 screws, you will still want to find the center so that you can place both screws proportionately away from this center point.

Step 3 – Make the Holes

The final step to installing your drawer hardware is to simply drill the holes using the bit size you decided on in step 1 and drilling at the point (or points if your hardware requires 2 screws) you found in step 2. Make sure to drill carefully because you do not want to damage any other parts of your drawer. Once you have made the holes, you can simply screw in the hardware. After this, you should check to make sure that the hardware is solid and that you chose the appropriate drill size. You should also do a visual check to make sure that the drawer hardware is indeed centered.

To finish, although it may have initially seemed confusing, by following these 3 simple steps you can install your drawer hardware properly and without the help of an expensive carpenter.