Cabinet Catches Cabinet Catches

Cabinet catches help keep doors closed as well as prevent them from sagging due to prolonged use. They come in several different varieties including roller spring and magnetic. Choose the right catch for your installation according to the type of door and personal choice.

Roller spring catches are available with a single or a double roller. They operate quietly and are easy to install for long-life quality on many door and frame designs. The single roller design is ideal for doors that slide open, such as a closet or pull out drawers, because the roller goes over the lip in the catch to operate.

The double roller catches typically have a strike installed on the door that goes into or around the catch, which is installed on the surface of the cabinet.

Magnetic catches range in pull from 8-40 lbs. The holding power is greatly reduced if only part of the magnet makes contact with the strike. Therefore they must be installed carefully to properly align with the catch and the strike. Quality magnetic catches feature a floating or self-adjusting action to ensure proper alignment and contact. These are best for cabinet doors in the kitchen and bath or other furniture pieces.

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