Cable Deck Railing Pros and Cons

Your deck design should include plans for deck railings as well as well as dimensions and a list of materials. One of the more popular railing designs in recent years has been cable deck railing. Not only does it allow for better views, but it's easier to install and uses less wood than a traditional railing. True, it's more expensive, but cost isn't everything. For  homeowners who plan to spend a lot of time on their decks there are distinct advantages to a cable rail system. There are also some disadvantages to using cable railing, but only you can tell which alternative will work for your deck and situation.

Pros of Cable Deck Railing

  • Won't block your view
  • Can run vertically or horizontally
  • Easily installed and maintained with tension mounts
  • Can be used with or without decorative panels
  • Allows for use of glass in railing design
  • Unobtrusive so your deck look larger and more spacious
  • Greater options for design and easier to change or replace design

Cons of Cable Deck Railing

  • More expensive than wood railings
  • May not meet code in some geographic areas
  • Climbing hazard
  • May pose a safety hazard for families with small children
  • Compatible with most, but not all, architectural styles
  • Poses a fall hazard for small children and pets who may slip through cable