Calamondin (Citrus Mitis) Trees: Ornamental Flowers And Fruit

The Citrus Mitis tree is a small citrus bearing tree and grows fruit shaped like small tangerines.  This juicy fruit has a strong acidic flavor. The Citrus Mitis, also known as the Calamondin citrus, can grow outdoors in Florida or California to a height of between 6-25 feet. You can also grow them in containers to be brought inside during the winter months in colder climates. The leaves on the Citrus Mitis are smaller than the leaves on most citrus bearing trees.

The Citrus Flowers

It is known that the Citrus Mitis tree is grown more for the beautiful presentation that adorns it. The tree has a wonderful ornamental citrus flower and citrus fruit. The flower of the Citrus Mitis is off white with a heightened pistol. The leaves of the flower are thicker and create a solid appearance on the tree. Although these flowers are pleasing to the eye, their purposes is to self pollinate to produce flowers and fruit throughout the year.

The Citrus Fruit

The fruit is another eye-catcher of the Citrus Mitis. The fruit is pleasing to look at because the peel is smooth and soft in color. This is why many people choose to include a Citrus Mitis in their doorway to add color and distinction. The color ranges from yellow to a yellow orange and the fruits are very shapely, and balanced.

If you are looking for a tree that requires little maintenance with a bold appearance, you will want to consider the Citrus Mitis as a natural ornamental approach to your outdoor décor.