2-Step Brick Paver Calculation

brick pavers to be installed
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner

As an alternative to concrete, brick pavers are an affordable and convenient means of making a walkway, driveway, or footpath. Instead of hiring a concrete company to pour a yard or more of concrete, or mix up dozens of bags yourself, you can simply purchase the pavers and then dig out and level the space, laying them accordingly. However, it helps to know in advance exactly how many pavers you will need to complete the job. To do this, a little calculation is required.

Step 1 – Determine Paver Type

First, determine what type of paver you will to use. For consistency, a single type is the best. Measure the area of the paver (e.g. 6-by-8 inches).

Step 2 – Determine Size of Paving Area and Calculate

Next, determine the size of the area you will pave. If it is a square or rectangle, the number of pavers should be easy to compute. Multiply the area you will pave and then divide that number by the area of your pavers. For instance, if the area you’re planning to lay is 12-by-48 feet, you would multiply 12 by 48 to equal 576. If your pavers are 1 square foot, you would need 576 pavers.

If you have odd shapes or angles to pave, you will have to not only calculate their space but also cut stones. Divide the area to be paved into definable shapes and compute the square footage one part at a time. Then, add them together to get the total square footage. Use this figure to determine the number of pavers you will need.

Online Calculators

When all else fails, you can find many brick-paver calculators online that allow you to insert your information into the appropriate boxes, and the calculator will do the math for you.