Calculating Asphalt Driveway Costs

Before doing anything with your new asphalt driveway is best to get a full knowledge of the costs involved in it. Many asphalt driveway companies will dictate different costs to different people depending on several factors, but if you know the actual costs then you can make sure you get your driveway done for the right price.

Measure Your Driveway
First step in any project is to measure the overall length and width. This goes double for an asphalt driveway. Since you buy asphalt according to how much you need, this will be a major factor in the cost. Know the dimensions of your driveway.

Determine How Thick
After you know the dimensions of your driveway, you will then determine the overall thickness of your driveway. Typically new asphalt driveways are two inches thick minimum. In more northern areas of the country that might be 2 1/2" or even 3" because of frost problems.

Find out Cost
Once you know the overall dimensions and the thickness of the driveway, call the local home center and find out the cost of asphalt per square foot. Multiply that number by the square footage of your driveway and then multiply again by the thickness of the driveway. This will give you the overall cost of a new asphalt driveway in materials.