Calculating House Wiring Costs

a bundle of wiring

House wiring can be a detail-oriented job that begins with calculating types, amounts, and costs associated with the materials to get the job done. Refer to the information below to estimate your wiring costs.

Types of Wiring

There are two types of wiring you can install in your home, depending on how you are going to use the wiring.

1. Electrical (High Voltage) Wiring

romex wiring

This wiring, referred to by electricians as "romex," conducts high voltage electricity for operating electrical devices, is a heavier gauge wire and has a thicker sheathing. Average cost is about 62 cents per foot.

2. Low Voltage Wiring

Wiring that conducts lower voltage electricity, for use with computer Local Area Networks (LANs), telephones, and alarm systems is a smaller gauge and has a plastic sheath. It typically costs about 12 cents per foot for CAT 5 cable used for computers, and 11.5 cents per foot for CAT 3 cable used for telephones and alarm systems.

Estimating Wiring Costs

Estimate the length of wire you'll need. Take these figures to a home improvement store. Tell them the type and length of wire you need, and they'll give you an estimate for your wire and hardware costs. Alternately, you can calculate it yourself by figuring out the cost of the spools of wire you want and how many you will need.