Calculating Plumbing Repair Costs

Carrying out a plumbing repair can be an expensive business. The pipes and joints that carry water are very vulnerable to damage, and they can also become clogged with mold. Most experienced home improvement fans will be eager to tear out any troublesome pipes, and replace them, but it is a good idea to calculate the total costs of any plumbing repair work before you begin.

The Costs of Plumbing Repair

The first thing that needs to be done is an inventory of all the items that will need to be repaired or replaced. Make a list of these items, and check the costs. Don't forget that outside plumbing repairs will also need to be included, and evaluate any storage tanks or pumps on the list.

Items to be Included in the Cost

Calculate the size and extent of the pipe needed, as well as the cost of installing metal or plastic piping. You will also need to include accessories such as screws and pipe joints. Additional hardware, such as brackets, sealants, and pipe coatings should also be included. If you are performing outside repairs, you may need to add roofing tiles or outside wall filler and mortar to your costs.

Adding Outside Help

Consider whether you will need outside assistance in performing this plumbing repair.