Calculating The Cost Of Replacing Bathtub Fixtures

Replacing bathtub fixtures can be a fairly simple process. Calculating the expense associated with this project largely depends on what precisely you are planning to replace and remodel.


The costs associated with replacing a bathroom faucet set can start at $20 to $40 and go upwards of several hundred dollars. If you are planning on updating your entire bathroom including your sink and sink faucet, then you may decide that you want to purchase a new tub faucet to match the new sink faucet fixtures.

Tile and Surround

Generally, when you update or replace bathtub fixtures, you will also need to at least replace some of the surrounding bathtub tiles or the entire bathtub surround. Depending on the type of tub surround you have installed, costs to replace or repair this can run from a few dollars for tile to several hundred dollars for a brand new tub surround. Also, if you decide that you want to entirely change and update the bathtub surround, then the costs will be dramatically higher depending on the materials you decide to use.


You can entirely replace a bathtub or have it refinished. Refinishing an existing tub is relatively inexpensive and runs only a few hundred dollars based on the refinishing method. However, a new tub can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for a top-of-the-line jet tub.