Calculating the Cost of Wedding Catering Calculating the Cost of Wedding Catering

Weddings can be very expensive, yearly reports suggest as much as $30,000, and one of the biggest costs is for wedding catering. Budgeting for your wedding catering makes sense, and in order to find out what you will owe at the end of service, it is a good idea to work out what your wedding catering will cost.

Working out the Cost of Food

Break your wedding catering costs down into small chunks: you should calculate the cost of each guests plate during the wedding feast. The more food, or the fancier the food, the higher the costs will be. To get a lower cost, choose food that is plain.

Drink is another big cost at any wedding event, so make sure that you do not order too much alcohol, and consider not ordering any drinks: this is also a good way of ensuring that there are no quarrels at the event, and no one drink-drives home.

Work out the Cost of Catering

This is the second big cost of wedding catering. You should include tips as part of the cost calculation here, and work out how much you could save by having a buffet.

Get the Best

Don't pick your wedding catering company at the last minute, as they are bound to push up prices. Finding your wedding catering supplier early can reduce costs.

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