Calculating the Cost to Repair a Cracked Exhaust Manifold

Repairing a Cracked Exhaust Manifold can be relatively cheap if you do the work yourself. If you opt to have a mechanic fix it, the labor is going to be the most expensive part of repairing an exhaust manifold. Labor, depending on your location, will cost anywhere from $45 an hour to $70 an hour. To figure cost you have to know how long the job will take. 

Some older model cars take only a couple hours.  Newer complex cars take twice as long because the manifold is hard to reach. You take the hours it will take to fix it, then mutiply that by the cost of labor per hour plus the manifold or manifold gasket. 

Manifolds have bolts and nuts that attach them to the engine. Sometimes these bolts will break due to how they are installed by the manufacturer.  This can add an hour or two depending on how many bolts break if they do break, but it does happen often while replacing exhaust manifolds.

Some manifolds can be welded and fixed if the manifold is cracked, or sometimes the manifold gasket just needs to be replaced. Remember to always let your vehicle cool off before working on the exhaust manifold because this part becomes the hottest while a vehicle is running. Your best bet is to get a free estimate at your local mechanic before making any decisions.