Calphalon Bakeware

Calphalon bakeware is considered to be one of the nicer brands in the industry today. They put out some quality products that are known for their durability and versatility. Here are a few things that you can expect from Calphalon bakeware.

Unique Nonstick

One of the big selling features that Calphalon bakeware has is a unique type of nonstick finish. They actually offer two different types of nonstick finishes that are specific to their brand. With the slide nonstick finish, your food can literally slide right off of the bakeware when you want it to. The nonstick finish will also not wear out like some of the other nonstick finishes that you will find on traditional bakeware. You can also get a sear nonstick finish which provides you with the ability to sear your food and keep all of the flavor in it.

Oven to Table

Another nice addition to the Calphalon bakeware line is the oven to table section of products. These products are made out of ceramic, and they are easily transported from your oven to your table. Ceramic is versatile enough that you can use it to cook the food and then you can immediately take it out of the oven and also use it to serve the food. This line of bakeware generally also comes with ceramic lids so that you can cover your food when you are about to serve it. When working with this line, you have to be careful because ceramic is somewhat susceptible to being chipped or broken if you drop it.

Baking Tools

This brand also has a nice line of baking tools that you can purchase. For example, you could purchase a cooling pan, mixing spoons, measuring spoons, and even silicone baking tools that will not melt when subjected to extreme heat.