Calphalon Cookware Set

Available in numerous materials, including enamel-coated and all-metal varieties, the Calphalon cookware set selection includes 2-piece to multi-piece packages that range in price from around $50 to $750 depending on the quality and the number of components. From 2-skillet sets to 16-piece comprehensive cookware packages, Calphalon offers a wide assortment of products, ideal for any kitchen. Calphalon cookware is durably constructed using a number of different methods. In addition to its durable craftsmanship, the cookware is exceptionally stylish, whatever the material.

Cookware Material

Utilizing practically the full spectrum of common cooking implement metals, Calphalon cookware is crafted out of stainless steel, copper, hard-anodized aluminum and enamel-coated aluminum. Tri-ply designs feature 3 layers, typically an inner layer of aluminum sandwiched between an exterior and interior layer of stainless steel or copper. Nonstick models are available, some with PTFE-free, ceramic-based material. The aluminum core of select cookware improves heat conductivity and distribution.


The look of Calphalon cookware helps it stand out among the rest. Stainless steel cookware features a brilliant, polished exterior and satiny smooth inner surface, while copper cookware has a rustic, old-world look, with its brushed exterior and flared rims. Anodized aluminum has a rugged, gunmetal finish, while enamel-coated cookware is finished in black, red or other available colors.


Depending on the material, Calphalon cookware may or may not be dishwasher safe. Stainless steel generally is, while copper and anodized aluminum should always be hand washed. Likewise, the cookware may be broiler safe, but this is not true of all products. All cookware is generally oven safe up to at least 450 degrees. Only nylon, wood or coated utensils should be used with nonstick cookware, while metal may be used with stainless steel.


Sets range in size from 2 to about 16 pieces. They include any combination of implements, from 2 skillets to that plus multiple saucepans, a saute pan, stockpot and lids. Bigger sets feature a steamer or pasta insert, while the biggest include a griddle and a double broiler.