Camping Cookers

When hunting, fishing, camping or even at an outdoor party, a portable camping cooker makes food preparation quick and easy. Propane powered and multifunctional, camping cookers are easy to use, lightweight and inexpensive to operate. Rather than keep a fire stoked throughout the day to provide a source of heat for cooking, a camping cooker leaves nothing to chance. Even in wind and rain, a portable propane stove functions effectively. Whether it's something freshly caught or brought from home, don't head into the great outdoors without a fast means of making a meal.

Cooker Sizes

Camping cookers come in several sizes according to their application. For backpackers, very lightweight single-burner cookers are available. The burner and grate attach directly to a small propane tank and fold up to pocket size when not in use. When car camping, larger, multi-burner camping cookers are handy. Prepare a pot of coffee, cook eggs and have others foods going on the griddle all at once.


Featuring stainless steel and aluminum components, camping cookers are built to withstand rugged use. Multi-burner cookers usually feature side and back wind guards, a carrying handle and cast iron grates. All feature an adjustable flame for temperature control, while more comprehensive cookers require no matches to light, instead having an push-button ignition.