Can a Belt Sander Be Used For Skis and Snowboards?

If the bottoms of your skis--or snowboard--are starting to look as though they have seen better days, you can you use a belt sander to save them.

Which is Best?

Use finer grit sandpaper for smoother finishes. Since you will not want much of the surface removed, use  20 gauge rather than 60 gauge. Although using a belt sander can save your ride, it is important to remember that you should not think of this as an option for every scratch or dent you incur. Excessive sanding will ultimately deplete the material, causing your skis or snowboard to be unsightly and unsafe. The belt sander should only be used for fixing extreme problems and should not be used as a regular tool for ski and snowboard maintenance.  

What Problems Might Occur?

While the belt sander might be good for a quick fix, sanding the bottom of your skis or snowboard can actually be murder to the edges. Be careful when sanding because any dent or break in the edge can make the ski or snowboard virtually unusable.