Can a Car AC Compressor Cause Overheating?

AC compressor alongside other engine parts

A car AC compressor can cause overheating of the car engine. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common of them being that the cooling system is faulty. If the compressor has seized up then the fan belt may not be moving freely, which in turn would affect the cooling system. The fan regulates and distributes the heat keeping the temperature in check. Ensure that the water pump is also working effectively.

Step 1 - Check the Coolant Level

Another reason could be that there isn’t enough coolant or anti-freeze in the radiator. To ensure that there is adequate coolant in the system it is important to uncap the radiator when the engine is cool to check the fluid levels. A leak could be the reason for falling fluid levels.

Step 2 - Check for Proper Air Circulation

If the car over heats when driven at high speeds then there may be a block in the radiator or there may be insufficient air flow. Air circulation is needed to keep the engine cool and anything preventing that can cause the car to heat up. Replacing the faulty parts, fixing the leak, and cleaning the radiator can help solve the problem. Apart from this there are various other technical reasons that a mechanic can help identify.