Can a Clog Remover Dissolve Hair?

Have you ever experienced showering in ankle-deep water? If yes, a clog remover could be the answer to your worries. Hair and drains just do not work together. In fact, in most cases a clogged or blocked drain is due to hair. Hair settles at the tip of the drainpipe and can be dissolved using a clog remover.

What's in it?

Various brands of clog removers are commonly available in most supermarkets, DIY stores, and home improvement stores. This plumbing product comes in all forms – foams, gels, liquids, bars, etc. The key ingredients of the de-cloggers are sodium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, aluminum, and sodium chloride. When this is added to the water, it warms the mixture. The heat produced from the ingredients can dissolve soap scum, grease, hair, and other debris. The clog remover fills the pipe, coats the walls, and dissolves the debris and hair by itself.  

It is important to follow the instructions specified by the manufacturer on the product packaging. Most products need to be allowed to sit for at least five to seven hours. In such cases, pour the solution and allow it to break up the debris over night. In the morning, pour boiling hot water inside the drain to flush out the drain thoroughly.