Can a Dryer Vent Be Indoors?

Although a dryer vent typically vents moist clothes dryer air into outdoor air, it is possible to vent an electric dryer indoors. Gas dryers, by contrast, are required to vent dryer exhaust out of doors. The following are a few factors you should consider before choosing an indoor dryer venting system.

Humidity Level

For each load of clothes you dry, a gallon of water is released into the air. If the humidity level of your home is already high, adding this much water vapor from indoor venting would not be a good idea. Consider, also, the mold and mildew that can grow from condensed water vapor.


A dryer vented to the outside allows lint to exhaust into outdoor air, rather than remain trapped in your lint screen. Inside venting can also exhaust lint throughout your house. Worse, is the risk of tiny fibrous lint particles being breathed into the lungs of family members and visitors.

Types of Indoor Vents

Some of the clothes dryers that vent dryer air indoors include a dryer model that provides a water-filled lint trap attached to the dryer exhaust hose. There are also various types indoor dryer vents available for use. Consider, also, that  these dryers require you to clean lint from the lint filter.