Can Car Polish Minimize a Scratch? Can Car Polish Minimize a Scratch?

Can car polish help a scratch on your car? Yes, it can, although that’s a qualified "yes".

Type of Scratch

Car polish will work on a scratch below the surface of the paint. It’s important to understand that car polish is very mildly abrasive. You can use a fingertip test to see if the scratch is below the surface; if the surface feels smooth, the scratch is below.

Applying Polish

Put some polish on a cloth and wipe in a circular motion. Make sure you use plenty of polish around rub around the scratch. This will help the paint blend in properly as you rub out the scratch.

Use your hand rather than an electric polisher. This way you can remove just the amount of paint you need to take out the car polish scratch and leave the paint looking even. Work in small sections. With careful work you can make most scratches appear invisible. You need to be careful not to rub too hard or to use polish too often as it’s easy to go down to the undercoat.


After you’ve eliminated the scratch it’s important that you protect the paintwork on your car. Do this by applying wax over the top of the polish. This will give depth to the shine and add a layer of protection, not only from the weather, but also from light touches by sharp objects.

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