Can Different Kitchen Sink Stoppers Make a Difference?

Not all kitchen sink stoppers are created equally. Some sink stoppers will lead to more clogs in your drain system. Others won't allow you to hold water in the sink. The size of the sink drain, the type of sink, and the way you use your sink will all play a factor in which sink stopper is best.

Flat Stoppers

A flat stopper is popular to use in bathtubs and some kitchen sinks. These stoppers work by blocking water from the drain entirely. The problem is once they are removed, any grime or debris in the sink is allowed to go down the drain with the water.

Strainer Stopper Combos

These are by far the most popular type of sink stopper for kitchen use. The combo features a metal strainer on the top portion, and a rubber plug on the bottom. When the plug is pushed down via the plunger, water will be allowed to sit in the sink. When the plunger is pulled up, the water is allowed to drain but the strainer will stop food particles from entering the drain system. Once the water has drained, the stopper can be pulled out, cleaned in a trash can, rinsed, and put back in place. Using these types of stoppers will prevent drain clogs from happening.