Can Hurricane Shutters Be Installed Yourself? Can Hurricane Shutters Be Installed Yourself?

Hurricane shutters are not difficult to install on your own with a little know how. You can save money by installing them yourself, and this project will also give you a better knowledge of their mechanics in case something gets broken or fails.

Take the Correct Measurements

Before you purchase your hurricane shutters, be sure that you take the correct inside measurements of the areas where you are planning to install them. Ensure that the protective surface protects the main surface area of what you want covered.

Motorized Shutter Options

You can also purchase hurricane shutters that are motorized to open and close using a switch in your home. The benefit is that once it is installed, you do not have to go outside into the elements to protect your home. The downside to this system is that it would not function during a power outage unless hooked up to a backup electric generator.

Metal or Wood Construction

You can get hurricane shutters made of either metal or wood at nearly any local home building supply store. There can be some major structural diffrences in the type you decide to use, which can increase or decrease the amount of regular maintenance that will be needed.

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