Can I Work for Amazon from Home?

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Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, which makes it one of the biggest employers in the world. So if you're wondering can I work for Amazon from home, it's a smart question.

But to answer the question, you need to know what positions with Amazon can be performed from home and who Amazon hires for these roles. Once you do, you can focus on how to get one of these jobs and keep it.

Working for Amazon

Together with Wal-Mart, Amazon is the biggest employer in the U.S. Scratch that.

Along with Wal-Mart, Amazon is the biggest employer in the world. That's right, in the world.

Amazon employs an utterly shocking 1.6 million people. And in a post-Covid world, Amazon is allowing more of those employees to work from home than ever before.

Now is a great time to start working from home for Amazon and in the future, the company is likely to open up more jobs for work-from-home positions to provide even more opportunities.

Working For Amazon From Home

Amazon does hire people for remote, work-at-home positions. For the most part, these are highly skilled positions.

Amazon hires people to work remotely from all over the world. Most of these jobs are available in specific fields of expertise, including sales, software development, customer services, marketing, engineering, operations management, real estate, and IT.

Many of these positions are senior-level or executive-level, which means that candidates should already be highly qualified for these roles. For many of the available work-from-home positions available at Amazon, you need to have accrued a certain amount of education or experience, or sometimes both, in order to qualify for the job.

What if you’re just starting out in your career? The best bet for a more entry-level position with Amazon is in customer service, human resources, sales, and marketing.

There are many jobs available through Amazon, including remote, work-from-home jobs for people who don’t have a lot of work experience yet.

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What It's Like to Work For Amazon

Amazon has its own job board listing available positions with the company, plus a dedicated job board showing all the work-at-home jobs available all over the world. On any given day, you will find more than 500 open work-at-home jobs listed here, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to search through when you want to find a job with Amazon.

According to work-at-home bloggers, Amazon's pay rate for remote employees starts at around $16 per hour. Amazon also offers benefits packages to employees, which adds a ton of value to that paycheck.

Amazon also offers an employee discount program and monthly bonuses on top of the paycheck, which are pretty nice incentives. There are many different perks and rewards associated with working for Amazon, which is nice when you consider that working from home is really a perk all on its own.

You will also get seven paid vacation days during federal holidays and paid vacation days you can take at your discretion when you work for Amazon. There's also a tuition reimbursement program for employees working toward a college degree, a high school GED, or an English-as-a-Second-Language course.

Amazon provides employees with paid maternity and paid paternity leave, as well as other programs for parents.

There are a lot of reasons to work for Amazon. And since there are a lot of opportunities available, it might be well worth your time to hunt for jobs through Amazon regularly.

Getting Started With Amazon

Once you find a job you'd like to have with Amazon and should you interest the company, you will be asked to do an interview. Usually, this will be done over the phone or through a video chat.

If you score the job, the training will be paid at your hourly rate and you will be able to complete it while you're at home. In most cases, you will not need to go to an Amazon facility for the training or the interview because you’re being hired to work from home.

Most Amazon jobs are hiring at 40 hours per week, but there are part-time positions available here as well.

Another Way to Work For Amazon

Working from home is cool but working for yourself under your own hours is also pretty cool. If you have a working vehicle, consider Amazon Flex.

What's Amazon Flex? It's kind of like Uber for packages.

All you have to do is get the app, schedule your time, and start delivering Amazon packages. Right now, this service isn't available everywhere.

Where Amazon Flex exists, however, this can be a lucrative opportunity for those who want to work for themselves from their own vehicle, if not from the comfort of their own home.

You can still be independent and still work when it’s comfortable for you and still earn money. If you like to drive, you may want to consider this program.

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Getting a Work From Home Job

So, you'd like to work at Amazon. Here's what you need: a good resume and a killer cover letter.

No matter what type of job you're applying for or which field you're in, you will need these two things. Work on yours to make them as awesome as you so that you will stand out as a potentially awesome employee.

Creating a Good Resume

Start with a good resume. The resume should highlight your education, your work experience, and your special skills.

If you have any awards or honors that relate to your field of expertise, you'll want to include these as well. Include any training courses you may have taken.

If you have less work experience, put the focus on your education, training courses, and skills. If you have less education and more experience, put the focus here.

Use a thesaurus, when needed, to describe your duties in short, easy-to-read sentences that sound fairly well-written. Include job titles and if you can make them sound really good, do that.

For example, if you worked in fast food or at a retail store, you were likely a "sales associate" or "customer service agent," which sounds more regal than simply "employee" or "cashier."

Remember that you need to present yourself in the best possible light and showcase yourself in the best possible way. Don’t lie, but shine the spotlight where it’s going to be the brightest.

Writing a Good Cover Letter

Write a good cover letter highlighting why you'd like to work for Amazon, why you're a good fit for the role, and what makes you qualified for work at home. Maybe you find that you are more productive in a familiar environment, perhaps you've been a devoted Amazon shopper for years.

Include something personal about your connection to the company, the work the job entails, or working from home itself. Make yourself stand out by including some details like this, along with a good overall pitch for why you're the right person for the job.

The cover letter and resume should only fill up a single page each. Include only the most important information and highlight the stuff that showcases your particular skills and talents that qualify you for the job you want.

Include your relevant contact information on both documents, including an email address, and include these items with every job you apply for through Amazon.

Can I Work For Amazon From Home?

Amazon is one of the biggest employers in the world and there are many remote, work-at-home positions available with the company. You can absolutely work for Amazon from home and get benefits and a solid hourly rate for doing it.

So the answer is yes when you're wondering can I work for Amazon from home, but there are strings attached. You will need to have the skills, experience, or education that Amazon is looking for when it comes to filling the available roles the company has open.

You will also need to wow the hiring professional with a good interview, a good resume, and a good cover letter. Once you've done this, you want to perform your job tasks well in order to maintain your job.

But if you do all this, you will find that Amazon is a great company to work for, as it's been ranked as such by Forbes and others. You may also find that working from home is an ideal situation for you, so keep applying and keep searching for open jobs at Amazon, because your effort may just pay off.

Amazon hires a lot of people to work from home and the number is only going to increase in time. It’s easy to search for jobs through the company, so start here and then work on the best way to present yourself so you can actually get the job.

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Working From Home FAQ

Which online jobs make the most money?

Many people incorrectly believe that work-from-home jobs are low-paying but this is not the case. Like any field, working from home can be low-paying but it can be very high-paying as well.

The highest-paying online jobs include graphic designers, who can make $55,000 to $80,000 a year, and film editors, who can make $38,000 to $78,000 a year. Freelance writers, SEO consultants, email marketers, and web designers are among the other highest-paying online jobs out there.

There are many high-paying online jobs out there and Amazon hires remote workers for high-paying executive-level positions, so you can find many high-paying opportunities here.

How can I find work-from-home jobs?

Work-from-home jobs are becoming a more common practice every single day, as more companies realize the money-saving potential of keeping workers at home rather than paying to have space for them to work. It's also safe from a health perspective, so there are more opportunities opening up everywhere for those who might like to stay at home to do their jobs.

If you’re looking for work-from-home opportunities, you won’t have a hard time finding them.

There are many online job boards dedicated to work-from-home jobs. The big job boards that offer job listings across a huge variety of career fields also include listings for remote jobs.

Amazon has its own job board of work-from-home listings, so you can also search here frequently to get the newest job opportunities.

The only problem is that many, many people are searching for work-from-home positions. You will need to stand out to get the job and then, you will need to do a job at the job.

If you do this, however, and you get a job with a company like Amazon, you can enjoy the same hourly wage and benefits package you might get from another company that would force you to work outside of your home.

What do I need to work from home?

Working from home sounds pretty great but don't forget, it's still work. You will need to perform the tasks assigned to you and do them well, as well as work the number of hours you're supposed to work.

In order to work from home efficiently, you need to start with a reliable desktop PC or laptop and a strong internet connection. After all, you've got to be able to get online if you're going to work online.

Make sure you have some kind of backup plan in case your internet goes down. When having the internet is required for you to be able to do your job, it’s worth it to have a backup plan.

You will also need a great deal of self-discipline if you're going to work from home. You need to find a schedule or a pattern that works for you so you can get all the work done and maintain focus and concentration while you're working so you can complete tasks successfully.

Other than this, you need to have a good work ethic and a desire to succeed. If you have all this and hang onto it, you should be able to work from home successfully.

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