Can Moving Furniture Damage the Carpet?

Movers with a couch.

We've all needed to move furniture from time to time. Whether it's to grab something that fell underneath, to clean, or to refresh the Fengshui of the room, it is sometimes necessary to move furniture.

Can Moving It Damage the Carpet?

If you aren’t careful, when you are moving furniture, especially if the pieces are heavy or have sharp edges on the bottom, you can potentially damage your carpet.

Prevent Damage

One way you can help to prevent this is to wrap the piece of furniture in a heavy blanket to pad the sharp parts. Or, you can put the legs of the furniture on coasters designed for moving furniture and push it in order to protect the carpet fibers. If you have heavy furniture, it could leave indentations in the carpet pile after it is moved. These can be removed by having the carpets cleaned and fluffed back to normal.