Can Solar Hot Water Heat a Jacuzzi?

An uncovered jacuzzi with deck surround.
  • 3-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000

A jacuzzi, or hot tub, is not generally associated with the world of green living, but using a solar hot water system, it is possible to create an energy-efficient hot tub that can be used throughout the year. Solar hot water devices are capable of heating a large swimming pool, so a jacuzzi should not prove problematic.

Prepare Your Jacuzzi

To get the best energy efficiency from a jacuzzi, you should use spa insulation to limit the amount of heat escaping from the pool. Add a spa or hot tub cover to reduce the amount of heat lost in a pool. Then take a solar hot water heater, suitable for use in a swimming pool, or purchase a specialized jacuzzi solar hot water system from a supplier. These should be added to the circulating water pump.

Get the Best from Solar Hot Water

hot tub

Solar hot water systems can provide 100 percent of your heating needs in the summer, but this falls to around 40 percent in the winter. If you wish to use your hot tub all the year round, it is worth investing in a double system, so you can switch between solar and electrical heating depending upon the time of year. This can help to conserve energy when possible while still providing a warm jacuzzi in winter.