Can Textured Paint Be Used on Concrete?

man holding paint roller
What You'll Need
Texture paint
Coarse brushes or texture rollers
Oil based primer

If you have concrete walls, you may want to give them a texture with paint. Follow the simple steps below to effectively do this project with just a few steps of preparation.

Step 1 - Apply Primer

Preparing the surface for this project is the most important part. Repair any damage to your concrete and clean it well. Then apply an oil-based primer onto the concrete walls with your coarse brush. Be sure to lay on a good coating. Since this type of primer often has a strong odor, you will want to have windows open and a fan on. You may be able to find it in your area with no odor. Don't use latex primer.

Step 2 - Apply Texture Paint

Once the primer is dry, you can start to apply the texture paint per instructions on the can. The best way to do it is to pour the paint into a paint tray and apply it with a texture roller. If you wish to have a different pattern than what the roller is making, you can use rags, wadded up bags, sponges, or other materials to make different designs in the paint.

Do a small area at a time if you are working alone since you don't want the paint to set up while you're working. Also, work in irregular patterns on the wall so you can't see seams.

For best results, have a friend or two help you do this project. One can paint and one can do the designs.