Can You Cross PEX Pipe Tubing?

Cross linked PEX pipe tubing will not allow your water supply piping system to corrode or develop any pinhole leaks. It is a high temperature and flexible plastic pipe tube.


Crossed PEX pipe tubing raises the thermal stability of the material loaded. Crossed PEX pipe tubing is resistant to cracking and slow growth of cracks. When PEX pipe tubing is crossed, you need fewer fittings, elbows and connections than you will with a plastic or metallic pipe tube. 

Cross PEX Pipe Tubing

For Crossed PEX pipe tubing there are brass fittings, polyethylene tees and couplings and elbows available. The fittings come in both a mechanical compression style and a crimping style. The crossed PEX pipe tubing is not only good for systems for water domestic supply but for floor and wall radiant heating or ice/snow melting systems as well. The tube is light in weight and is flexible so it can bend around corners or through floor systems, so most likely, a fitting will not be needed. When compared to traditional copper pipe tubing, a crossed PEX pipe tube is less likely to break and is preferred over copper. It is easier to install also.