Can You Duct Tape a Dryer Vent Hose?

dryer vent hose

A dryer vent comes in sections and must be assembled. Depending on the configuration of the vent, the distance from the dryer to the outside wall, and the kind of vent used, it is sometimes necessary to connect at least two or more sections of vent pieces. Many homeowners opt to use duct tape to seal the interior or exterior joints.

Why Tape Is Used In Dryer Vents

Tape is used in assembling dryer-vent sections to cover the screws and edges of dryer-vent hose or pipe connections that lint might snag onto as it leaves the dryer.

Duct Tape vs. Aluminum Tape

Although most homeowners have a roll of duct tape on hand for household use, over time the tape breaks down from the heat of the dryer vent and peels off. It may flake, or the adhesive may become exposed, providing a wide surface that catches lint. This could make for a potential fire hazard. Aluminum tape is preferred and is the best option for sealing both the inside and outside of dryer vents because of its heat-resistant surface. It is smooth and less likely to snag lint. Aluminum tape is also more durable and will not crack, flake, or peel when exposed to heat.