Can You Install a Solar Hot Water Heater Yourself? Can You Install a Solar Hot Water Heater Yourself?

It is possible to install a solar hot water heater yourself, but to do so you will need thorough knowledge of wiring systems and running pipe between components. In addition, you will have to be able to cut into your roof to attach the solar collector and possible the storage tank and finish by sealing all of your cuts.

Do It Yourself Solar Water Heater Installation

Inside the home, you will be tasked with connecting the water line to the system, installing any necessary valves and pumps, wiring the controller and running pipe to the solar collector and back into the tank (if it is indoors). If your home requires an indirect circulation system, you must factor in the use of an antifreeze liquid and heat exchanger.

When all the parts and all the skills necessary to do the job are added up it may pose too much of a challenge for the layman. If, however, you have experience with plumbing, wiring and home renovation, the job will be well within your ability.

There are many contractors qualified to install solar hot water heating systems in your home. If you are unsure about your ability to do the job yourself, contact a professional. The job is doable on your own. Just be aware of the amount of work and specialized skill it requires.

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