Can You Sell Green Energy?

Green energy can be generated on a very small scale, small enough to fit atop your roof and be wired into your home. Solar panels either made from scratch or purchased and installed are becoming more and more common. Personal wind power generators, too, are being used by a growing number of homeowners. The reason is simple: they generate energy cleanly that can be used to power a home and, if you produce an excess, be sold back to the power company.

Energy Produced Must Be Used

It is possible to store power generated by the sun or wind in a battery for a relatively short amount of time. That power stored, however, will be lost in a matter of days. As a rule, energy that is channeled must be used or lost. When homeowners, whether using solar, wind or geothermal sources, produce power to run their homes, can create an excess. If this excess is not used, it will be lost.

Selling Green Energy

If you produce power to run your home and, through the systems available to you, you produce too much, you can sell that power back to the power company. It will come in the form of a reduced energy bill. However much power you send back to them will offset an equal amount of power you used that they provided. If you produce enough for your home, but buy none from the power company, they will send you a check provided that power is wired to flow to their system.

Green energy that you produce at home can be sold back to the power company provided your system is set up for it. Homemade green energy is not only a way to power your home, but you can also make a little extra money because of it.