Can You Use Fireplace Covers as a Radiator Cover?

Fireplace covers are an important part of your fireplace. A fireplace cover may be a simple design or a highly decorative interior design feature; it also serves to protect children, pets and furnishings. In some cases, the fireplace cover acts as a defense against dust and dirt during non-usage for some time. Fireplace covers also enhance the value of your fireplace and can make it last longer. 

Types of Fireplace Covers

Typically, there are two major types of fireplace covers in the market today, the indoor and outdoor models. Each type depends on the type of fireplace being covered; the fireplace cover may be a soft or hard cover. The design of the outside fireplace cover is to withstand environmental conditions.

The indoor model fireplace cover offers woodwork designs and iron covers; each intricately created by the artist. For the outdoor covers, you can find a wide variety that ranges from soft covers to durable steel fireplace covers. 

As a Radiator Cover

Some fireplace covers can be used as a replacement for radiator covers. Radiator covers exist for essentially the same reasons as fireplace covers. They add a bit of décor and protection for you and your family; the hard style indoor fireplace cover can be positioned as screen to protect against the accidental touching of a hot, exposed radiator.

Outdoor types of fireplace covers are usually made of softer materials; these are used to completely cover the radiator. A complete covering is often used when it is desired for the radiator to blend into the surroundings. Overall, fireplace covers have a wide variety of design options which function as perfect replacements for radiator covers.