Canopy Curtains: A Fabric Guide

Anyone who has ever seen a canopy bed displayed in a store or advertised in some magazine knows that the most attractive feature is the flowing curtains that covers the bed from top to bottom and side to side. So how does one know what kind of curtain fabrics are good and not so good? 


Lace canopy curtains are the most traditional choice for this kind of bed. They look smart and sexy, they give that fresh, clean look, with their crisps whites and sometimes pastel colors. The delicate and intricate pattern choices are endless with lace material. Lace can be a bit expensive, so look out for sales to get the best bargains.

Most lace canopy curtains are made of cotton. You should make sure to look for fabric that is 100% cotton because they are the softest and can easily be machine washed without harming the delicate fabric.

Patterned Fabric

Everybody loves patterns. The great thing about choosing a patterned fabric for your canopy bed is the nearly endless possibilities.

Perhaps this is going to be a kids bed, so you can choose a character design and match all the bedding to go with it. Or maybe your daughter wants a specific color theme to go along with her high school colors. This can easily be done with patterned canopy curtains.

Some typical pattern choices are stripes---either vertical or horizontal, flowers, or even solid color choices that are mixed into geometric shapes or forms.

It is a good idea to choose a patterned fabric that is a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton. That way the material is soft yet doesn't require a lot of ironing.

This kind of fabric should also have a thread count of at least 200 or higher in order to be durable for many years to come. 

Silk or Chintz Fabrics

If you want your bed to look like the queen of England's, then you may choose to use chintz or silk fabric for your canopy bed curtains. These fabric types are quite expensive, but look elegant in every way.

Silk curtains are popular for that "sheer" look that is common for canopy beds. They allow a lot of air movement and look delicate in nature.

Chintz fabrics are a good choice too for canopy curtains. They usually have a light background with bright colors or patterns throughout.

Too Bold!

Fabric options that may not be good for canopy curtains include overly bright colors or patterns/colors that clash with one another or the rest of the room. Also some heavy canopy curtains, such as velvet may not let much light or air into the bed area.

Choosing a fabric for your canopy bed is a personal choice. Depending on your style or taste, you may choose something very traditional or perhaps you are trying to make a fashion statement.