Canvas Patio Canopy Cleaning Tips

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A patio canopy is a structure that allows homeowners and others to sit in their gardens during the day without the harsh sun beating down on them. There are different kinds of patio canopies available. However, to ensure that your patio canopy will last a long time, it is necessary to maintain them properly and clean them from time to time.

Cleaning a Canvas Patio Canopy

Most canvas patio canopies are retractable. This makes cleaning them simple. These tips will help you make your canvas canopy look as good as new.

Patio canopies that are exposed to sunshine rather than rain develop mildew or mold very rarely. However, they can catch dirt and debris which can be cleaned by brushing it. This can either be done with a broom or a brush, but do not rub it too hard as it can damage the canvas.

Use Water

You can wet the entire canvas canopy cover and rinse it using a garden hose. This will ensure that all dirt, mud, and other debris is taken off the cover. This method is usually used to clean a patio umbrella canopy from time to time.

Try Detergent

Canvas canopy covers can sometimes get stained due to moisture or rain that causes twigs or leaves to rot. These covers require a little more cleaning. Mixing equal parts of warm water with mild liquid or powdered detergent to make a cleaning solution is a good idea.


You can use a stiff brush or broom to scrub the canopy cover and generate suds. This solution should take off stains and even mildew and mold well. Scrub canvas canopy covers in circular motions and rinse as you finishing scrubbing one section because these solutions should not dry up on the canvas. Rinsing the cover once again when you have finished cleaning it completely is necessary to get off remaining stains or residue.


Even folding and putting away a canopy cover like a patio swing canopy can cause it to become mildewed. The best way to get rid of this is by letting the canvas air out before you can wash it. Once the canvas canopy has been washed, it should be air-dried. This is best done in the sun as it can dry it up completely and keeps it fresh and clean.