Captain's Bed Captain's Bed

A captain’s bed is a popular form of a pedestal bed. The main function of a pedestal bed, or platform bed, is to provide a surface where a mattress can lay on. A captain’s bed does not include a place for a box spring. It is typically a flat or slatted top with only the mattress atop it.

What are Some Benefits of a Captain’s Bed?

There are some benefits associated with a captain’s bed. Being that these beds are raised, hence the name pedestal bed, they create an area underneath. Typically, these areas are turned into storage.

A captain’s bed can be effectively used in a child’s room. These beds are perfect because they provide extra space for toys or clothes while also maintaining the spaces integrity. Often times a captain’s bed will be used to provide a trundle bed underneath. This is also a good feature for a child’s room due to the fact they often have friends stay the night.

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